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About Us

GlobyMall’s goal is to make the online shopping and selling process comfortable, effective and safe with a user-friendly interface. GlobyMall serves its stakeholders on different levels: customers seeking out new, reliable and convenient online shopping platforms, vendors or sellers willing to promote their products on, and GlobyMall employees who play a key role in connecting dots.

A. Buyers benefit

  • Finding a wide variety of products
  • Choosing a suitable form of payment (Cash on Delivery or Card payment)
  • Receiving their order promptly
  • Paying through a secure and reliable platform
  • Getting the best support and assistance from the 24/7 customer care service
  • Being able to return the goods purchased and exchange them

B. Sellers’ advantages

  • Promote their products on a reliable and credible online platform
  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Increase their sales by featuring their products and standing out from the crowd
  • Extend the customer database and reaching a wide audience

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