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Jardin Bio Lentilles Corail 500 g
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Brand: Jardin bio Model: FB1-JAR-31410007
Rate $ = 1518L.L.Jardin Bio Lentilles Corail Bio is made in france. It is an organic coral lentail. Rich in proteins and fibers. Can be served hot or cold. Comes in a 500g box.USING ADVICE:1 glass for 2 people Preparation: rinse the lentils before cooking. Cook for 15 minutes in 4 parts simmering wa..
Jardin Bio Petits pois bio et jeunes carottes 600g
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Brand: Jardin bio Model: FB1-JAR-31410051
Rate $ = 1518L.L.Jardin Bio étic peas and young carrots are harvested when they are just ripe in order to retain all their taste qualities. To taste with a little butter to accompany roast meats. Enjoy your meal !USING ADVICE:Keep cool after opening and consume quickly.Ingredients:Water, very fine p..
Jardin Bio Ratatouille 650g
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Brand: Jardin bio Model: FB1-JAR-31410025
Rate $ = 1518L.L.The Jardin Bio ratatouille has been cooked with carefully cooked vegetables, olive oil and herbs, for a typically southern gourmet accompaniment. Enjoy your meal !USING ADVICE:Jardin BiO ratatouille is ideal for a Provencal lunch. Combined with quinoa and accompanied by fish, you wi..
Jardin Bio Ravioli Legume Bio 675g
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Brand: Jardin bio Model: FB1-JAR-31410029
Rate $ = 1518L.L.Discover the Jardin Bio vegetable ravioli, prepared according to the Italian tradition with a sauce cooked with small vegetables and organic herbs. A dish that is perfect for vegetarians. Enjoy your meal !USING ADVICE:Heat in a saucepan over low heat for about 8 minutes.Ingredients:..
Jardin Bio Vinaigre De Cidre - 750Ml
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Brand: Jardin bio Model: FB1-JAR-31410020
Rate $ = 1518L.L.Unpasteurized vinegar made in France from cider vinegar. It will be ideal for flavoring your vinaigrette and enhancing your sauces with its delicious fruity taste.USING ADVICE:Store away from light and heat. The development of a deposit is normal and does not alter the qualities of ..
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