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Hair Spray & Gel

Brand: Cosmaline Model: H5-COS-FIXNET-PRO-HAIR-SPRAY-X10
Enriched with Pro-V B5, the weightless formula of Fixnet Pro Steady Updo Spray X10 creates volume and robustly lifts hair while giving it a shiny and long-lasting look and providing color and thermal protection.Long lasting firm hold & shineMaintains a flexible and long- lasting lookFights humid..
MANCODE Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong Hold 220ml - 450ml - Almond Oil       
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Brand: Mancode Model: H4-MAN-3091220200-3091450200
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Mancode Extra Strong Hold Hair Gel is your way to sculpt your hair to look your best. Its special formula provides you with styling flexibility and guarantees a long-lasting hold for up to 24hrs with a shiny and silky look. It is also enriched with almond oil extract that nourishes..
MANCODE Hair Styling Gel Strong Hold 220ml - 450ml - Olive Oil       
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Brand: Mancode Model: H4-MAN-3091220100-3091450100
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Mancode Hair Gel Strong Hold provides you with an enhanced and shiny hairstyle that holds up to 24hrs. It is enriched with olive oil extract that nourishes your hair and gives it a sleek look. In addition, the “Leave-On” formula allows you to leave the gel on your hair without havi..
Brand: Redist Model: H5-RED-B077NS6P6V
$=1500Maximum ControlFull ForceHair Spray Full Force Full Strong Hold for creative shapes. This special formula has been developed in our laboratories to give your hair a natural look and to provide a longer lasting style. Your hair can be easily combed due to the fined-grained structure. Desig..
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