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Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-CONCEALER-PENCIL-377
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.Helping you get through late nights and early mornings, our full-coverage CONCEALER PENCIL helps brighten up blemishes, discoloration and dark circles under the eyes to leave you looking fresh-faced and well-rested. This color-correcting pencil is the best concealer stick for long-..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-CONCEALER-223
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.A concealer pot filled with creamy artefact to help achieve high coverage with a soft focus effect, it conceals any imperfections, dark circles or blemishes, giving you a perfectly finished face.FLOWING TEXTUREINCLUDES GLYCERIN, WHICH RETAINS WATER INSIDE THE SKIN FOR MOISTURE..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-CONCEALER-STICK-250
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.Concealer stick for a soft-focus glow. The formula is enriched with emollient oils to soften the skin and microspheres that reflect the light to optically conceal any imperfections.    MEDIUM COVERAGE    SMOOTH TOUCH..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-CONCEALER-226
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.This small, yet miracle tube of liquid concealer is an easy-to-blend, long-lasting product for all your needs — whether you want to hide dark circles, or blemishes and imperfections to achieve an astonishing look.This product is available in different shades.FLOWING TEXTUREINCLUDES..
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