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Ruby rose Soft Nude Palette HB-1045
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Brand: Ruby rose Model: H1-RUB-HB-1045
Nude soft eyeshadow palette Ruby Rose HB-1045The Soft Nude eyeshadow palette has 17 shadows and 1 eye base, 10 Matte (Strip, Flirt, Private, Perform, Young Love, Dark Matter, Nap, Diva, Rubin E In love), 2 pressed glitter (Glamory and Wow) 5 and sparkling (Wish, Dream, Fantasy and Chic), with incred..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-BAKED-EYESHADOW-109
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.A beautifully contrasting combination of black and white, where the duo is baked on a single plane. The thin film makes application easy, with the shades being easy to blend, giving the eyelids a metallic effect, helping you achieve a bold look like never before. ADJUSTABLE FI..
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.For flawlessly blended eye shadow. The ombre double comes with; double the quality, double the pigments, double the beauty!It includes two complementary ombre shades that create the perfect double shadow effect.    IRRESISTIBLE, MATCHING COLORS    ADHE..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-EYESHADOW-MONO-127
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.The powerfully pigmented ombre product is exactly what you need for the divine eye style you’re after. Whether it’s bold or natural, the wide variety of easy-to-blend, ombre mono is here to help you create your statement.    HOMOGENOUS QUALITY    COMPA..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-EYE-SHADOW-PENCIL-317
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.This creamy pencil is specifically formulated to give a vivid color. You can sharpen this pencil for more precision, and can be used for all sorts of styles that you want to achieve — whether it’s soft, sharp, or smoky.LONG LASTINGGLOSSY EFFECT..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-EYESHADOW-241
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.A mixed set of the best shadow shades Yves Morel has to offer.The homogeneous colors go well together, to create your favorite eye look, and leave you looking magnificent.    PRACTICAL    INCLUDES A DIVERSE COLLECTION    TRAVEL-FRIENDLY..
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