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Brand: Petaledbar Model: H12-PET-LASHBROW-OIL
It’s basically an oil, it’s a combination of flax-seed oil, black-seed oil and other nourishing oils which means, this oil is very rich in vitamins and especially vitamin E! In case you don’t know vitamin E is very essential when it comes to lash and brow growth.This oil is amazing it really gives l..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-MASCARA-102
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.This 3-Step Mascara is made to achieve the 3 key features for a breathtaking look for the eyes: length, color, and even more volume than the normal mascara.All three, in just one stroke.    MORE VOLUME    LONG LASTING..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-MASCARA-104
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.For an even more dramatic effect, the 3D mascara is here! This specific formula is made for women who cannot get enough volume for their lashes, giving them a clump-free, intense, and outstanding high definition.    EXTRA VOLUME    LONG LASTING..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-MASCARA-101
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.Characterized by quality, one gesture of this mascara, and your lashes are bound to be more colored, voluminous, and defined.No clumps will be left behind, separating the eyelashes perfectly, having you leave a bewitching impression.    QUICK DRYING AND COMFORTABLE T..
Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-MASCARA-103
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.This Extra Volume Mascara is what you need, for the love of volume! It’s made to maximize your graceful lashes to up to 100%, giving you the incredible and flawless thickness you are looking for.    100% MORE VOLUME     QUICK DRY..
Yves Morel Mascara Gel Haute Performance
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Brand: Yves Morel Model: H10-YVE-MASCARA-GEL-319
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.Growing lash & Brow serum helps keeping lashes healthy and doe grow them out.This lash serum can be put onto lashes nightly after washing your face and before going to bed.It truly conditions and if you do use it every single night for a few weeks,it will make your lashes healt..
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