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Facial Wash & Foam

Brand: Aloeleb Model: H14-ALO-AV0010
Rate $ = 1500 L.L.Description: Normal or Oily skin? Quit chemicals and synthetically-fragranced liquid & bar soaps and wash with our 100% natural Aloe facial soap when you wake up and before you go to sleep.The natural Aloe soap will wash away any excess dirt and oil that may have built upon the..
Beesline Facial Purifying Soap 85G
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8744036
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.PropertiesA bar that gently cleanses sensitive & acne-prone skin. Its anti-microbial, balancing & soothing properties from natural extracts reduce & prevent breakouts. Active IngredientsVegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil Soap Base, Sugar Cane, Sodium Lactate, Sea Salt, Sag..
Beesline Facial Wash 250ML (ACNE CARE)
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8744050
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.PropertiesA gentle foaming gel that thoroughly cleanses the skin, reducing oily secretions & breakouts through propolis’s powerful antimicrobial, purifying & soothing properties.Active IngredientsHoney, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary, Thyme, Oat, Peppermint, Lemon Peel, Willo..
Beesline Honey Moisturising Soap Fragrance-Free
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8740006
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.PropertiesA universal fragrance-free honey bar that gently cleanses, purifies & moisturises the skin for a refreshed look & feel. Suitable for sensitive skin.Active IngredientsVegetable Glycerin, Coconut & Olive Oil Soap Bases, Sea Salt, Honey & Propolis.Featured In..
Beesline Olive Lift Facial Wash 250ML
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8742155
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.PropertiesA deeply moisturising regenerative cleanser that purifies the skin while lifting & promoting its elasticity. Active IngredientsOlive Oil Soap Base, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Leaf, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey, Rosemary, Vitamin C, Sea Salt, Royal Jelly & Vitamin ..
Beesline Whitening & Lifting Facial Foam
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8741385
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Properties An innovative, gentle cleanser with a creamy foaming texture to purify, moisturise & lift the skin. Simultaneously whitens, eliminating dullness & dark spots.what to expectSMOOTH & LIFTED SKINRADIANT & EVEN SKIN TONEActive IngredientsVegetable Glycerin, H..
Beesline Whitening Facial Exfoliating Soap
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8743114
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Properties Exfoliating luffa infused with moisturising vegetal soap cleanses & softens the skin by buffing away dead cells. Simultaneously works to lighten & regenerate the skin, reducing the appearance of UV damage & dullness. For all skin types.what to expectSMOO..
Beesline Whitening Facial Soap SFDA
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8743077
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Properties A moisturising soap rich in honey & radiance boosting extracts. Deeply cleanses & refreshes the skin while brightening the complexion & evening out skin tone.what to expectSMOOTH SKINRADIANT & EVEN COMPLEXIONActive IngredientsVegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil..
Beesline Whitening Facial Wash
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Brand: Beesline Model: H4-BEE-8743046
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.Properties A gentle cleanser that works to dissolve oils & impurities while its natural whitening properties rejuvenate, brighten & even the skin’s complexion.what to expectDEEPLY CLEANSED SKINRADIANT & EVEN SKIN TONEActive IngredientsVegetable Glycerin, Honey, Lumiskin..
Swiss Image Absolute Radiance Whitening Face Wash 200 ml
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Brand: Swiss image Model: H4-SWI-31121100
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.This daily use face wash deep cleanses without over-drying the skin. It also removes excess oil, dirt and impurities. The result is visibly brighter, even toned skin with a radiant complexion.Skin TypeFor All Skin TypesHow To Use 1.Work gel into a rich lather and apply on moist fac..
Swiss image Bi-Phase Micellar Water 400 ml
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Brand: Swiss image Model: H4-SWI-3111714545
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.This Bi-Phase Micellar Water enriched with Hyssop extract, Neroli oil and Swiss Alpine Glacier Water is specially formulated to gently remove long-lasting make-up and refresh your skin in just one step.Skin Type All Skin TypesHow To Use 1. Apply morning and evening on face, eyes, a..
Swiss Image Elasticity Boosting Face Wash 150 ml
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Brand: Swiss image Model: H4-SWI-3111714529
Rate $ = 1518 L.L.A gentle blend of the natural extracts of Snow Algae, Alpine Glacier Water, Hyssop Extract, and Liftonin®, this Face Wash with Exfoliating Wax Particles gently cleanses yet effectively removes make-up and impurities. With regular use, skin feels soft, smooth, and younger-looking.Sk..
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