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Brand: Master chef Model: E10-MAS-011120
P70H20AP-S1 -BL  MICROWAVE 20L with weight defrost, express and quick start,700W, white and black color..
Brand: Master chef Model: E10-MAS-010023
P90D23EL-F9 MICROWAVE 23L, with weight defrost, express and quick start,1400W, 23 L silver and white ..
Brand: Master chef Model: E10-MAS-011025
D90D25AL-B8 MICROWAVE 25L, with grill function, weight defrost, express combi 1 and combi 2, 1400W Micro and 1000W grill, 25L Silver color...
Brand: Master chef Model: E10-MAS-011128
D90N28AP-N9 MICROWAVE 28L, with grill function, combi grill, jet defrost and express function. 1400W, 1000W grill white and black color...
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